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The Best Deep Fat Fryers for Homemade Chips!

Tefal Deep Fryer image

Fish and Chips have almost obtained the status of a national meal in Britain. Up and down the country on any given day, a sizable portion of the population indulge in the pleasure of a visit to their local chippie for a quick, delicious meal. Young and old queue up for a 'bit o' fish', savorola, mushy peas, chicken tikka, sausage or just a cone of chips.

But with your own deep fryer on your kitchen countertop, you can have the luxury of a chippie meal any time you like. In the long run, it's certainly cheaper, and probably healthier to prepare your chips the way you like them, without having to leave your home. Here at the Deep Fryer Shop we have a wide range of models, from small units for quick fry-ups, to nearly commercial size deep fat fryers for families that take their chips seriously. Plus all the well-known brands - Tefal, De'Longhi and Morphy Richards among others.

Breville Delonghi Tefal
Kenwood Morphy Richards Moulinex

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